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Rain, Rain, Go Away, But Get Your Car Detailed Anyway

If you’ve been in North Carolina for longer than a few days, you know our weather can be, uh, varied and sometimes, that can make mobile car detailing a challenge. We can go from lows in the teens and single digits with a foot of snow to shorts and t-shirt weather the very next day and it can make scheduling details somewhat complicated sometimes.

We’re a mobile detailing company so the vast majority of our jobs are done outside, sometimes with little to no shade. If you ever want to know what’s going to happen with the weather, just ask a mobile detailer. We’re always paying attention to the forecast.  And because of this, we have to constantly adjust when and where we work. For example: when it dips below freezing at night, we usually get started a bit later, after the temperature gets above freezing. Likewise, when it’s going to be super hot, we may get started early, take a long indoors break in the middle of the day, and come back out to work some more after it cools off a little. Some weather events are easy to adjust for. Others, not so much.

Rain can be one of the biggest pests for us when we’re trying to schedule vehicles to be detailed and we’ve learned a few things over the years that help us.

First thing we have learned is: it’s not raining unless it’s raining. I know it kinda sounds like, “duh!” but it probably means more than you think. Generally speaking, we don’t get many 5 day forecasts with zero chance of rain so instead of writing an entire day off because there’s a rain drop on the forecast, we look into a little deeper. Finding out that there’s a storm system that will be moving in late at night and clearing out by the following morning means that we can book jobs that afternoon. Or knowing that the system will be North of us means we can book customers South of us, we service as far South as Charlotte and Concord. Sometimes if I know it will be raining in Winston-Salem, I’ll look to Raleigh or Asheville to see if those places may have better weather. Regardless of the situation, the point is to stay flexible.

The other thing, and probably what matters the most is: the detailing services we do are not affected by rain. Sure, I don’t want us to be working while it’s actively raining, but a lot of people seem to want to wait for nicer stretches of weather before getting their car detailed. I think they understandably want to enjoy their clean car for a longer period of time before it starts getting dirty again, but from what I can tell, it doesn’t really matter. The quality of service and the amount of work we put into a detail won’t be undone by a shower or two. There’s much more to a detail than that.

We go so much deeper than just cleaning a car, we’re reversing time. Cleaning your car, truck, SUV, mini-van, time machine, tractor, or whatever else you’ve got is just the first step in a detail. There’s also paint correction, stain removal, waxes and conditioners, and so much more. If you’re curious what we can do for your project, give us a call at (336)528-4465 or email us! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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