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The Worx Detail Service

As you might have guessed from the name, this is our more extensive detail for the person that wants to keep their vehicle above average, or maybe it's just been a while and it needs a little more love and attention than the Base Detail. With this service, we often hear reactions like, "my vehicle hasn't ever looked this good" and "this looks better than when I bought it." There's good reason why we hear comments like that on a regular basis. It's because we do more detail work than your vehicle has likely ever had done since it was new, and it shows in the results.

We're still going to start with the Base Detail because that's how you build a foundation for any exceptional detail. Then, beyond the Base, we use clay bar (or pad) to mechanically decontaminate the paint and finish it with a one-step polish and seal. For the interior, we take it up a notch by shampooing all of the soft surfaces and clean/condition leather (if applicable). Your vehicle will come out looking and feeling just like new inside and out.

If you're in the greater Winston-Salem, NC area and are looking for a detail service that will get your vehicle to the next level, this is it. Give us a call or send us email if you have any further questions.

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