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Clean Cars Inc is a mobile professional detailing company that has what it takes to get your vehicle looking new again, and we can do it all without you having to leave your home or work. 



RVs, boats and planes get their own page because they share a lot of the same products and processes because of their similarities in construction and materials. Regardless of the type of vehicle, you want a company with the right tools, and the experience to get the job done. At Clean Cars Inc we've done it all: mold and mildew, oxidation removal; waxing, polishing, and more.

The Process

Clean Cars Inc takes the same approach to detailing RVs, boats and planes as we do with any other vehicle: tip to tail. With the exception of RVs and larger planes, we also clean both inside and out on most of them as well. With the exception of using a few different products, the initial cleaning process is very similar: we start by going after contaminants like bugs, road tar/grime--on RVs we include scrubbing and pressure washing the roof, popouts and awnings--and then give it a good hand wash. From this point, we either finish with some type of wax or we address other issues like artillery spores, mildew, oxidation, or a number of other things that can happen to your vehicle over time.


Like all of our other pricing, what you end up paying is based on a few different factors, but mainly what the current condition is and what we're trying to accomplish with the detail. There's still some nuance to that, but it's a good place to start. The cost of an RV is going to depend on if it's a bumper pull or a fifth wheel, how many pop-outs it has, and how well it's been kept up with in the past. Likewise, boats and planes, depending on features, can vary in price pretty dramatically. Below you'll find some typical prices for the type of work that we do, but if you've got more questions, please call us at 336-528-4465 or send us an email


We finish this process off with a spray wax. This process is designed to maintain well taken care of RVs and boats. We typically recommend alternating this with a machine wax once a year.



This is the same process as a Base Detail, only we finish with a higher quality wax, applied with a polisher. One of our most popular services.



This starts off with the same cleaning process as the Base Detail and then is followed up with usually a number of coats of cutting compound and polish to restore a gelcoats original gloss.



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