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Clean Cars Inc is the company with the experience, the tools, and the products to clean your bike better than it's ever been cleaned before.

Motorcycle Detail Service

By this point, you may have noticed certain things that get spelled out in almost everything that is on the website, and the Motorcycle Page isn't about to start off any different. That's because motorcycles aren't different from the other vehicles we detail in the sense that they all need to have a "base" amount of cleaning done before we start working on improving the overall condition of the bike we're working on. This Base Detail that keeps being mentioned will typically run $150-200 for most bikes and includes decontaminating the bike from oil, grease, bugs, and road grime along with a hand wash and at least a spray wax. Though most of our customers want or need more for their service. We use specialty products and tools (like a motorcycle lift) to make sure we're giving every single customer the most value for their money possible. Give us a try and see why we're the #1 motorcycle detailer in North Carolina and beyond.

Motorcycle Detail Pricing

Something else you might have noticed by now is that we don't give out exact pricing on much of anything we do here, and motorcycles are no different in this area either. Before we ever talk about price, we need to know what we're getting into: Is it sport bike or cruiser? Does it have an open engine? Is there a fairing? Bags? Trunk? And beyond these things, we need to know what type of wax we're doing. Does the paint need compounding or polishing? Are we going to be polishing metal? Is it aluminum or chrome? If you've got questions about how much it will cost to have your particular project worked on, we encourage you to give us a call at 336-528-4465 or send us an email. 

Base Detail

Decontaminate, degrease, wash, and spray wax. Price depends on what type of bike, and how much we have to clean.


Compound and Polish

Removes scratches, scuffs, marring and more paint defects. Price depends on quantity and severity of paint defects. 


Metal Polishing

Remove water spots, rust and restores the brilliance of metal-work. Prices depend on amount and complexity of what's being polished. 

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