Almost all of our detailing services can broken down into three distinct categories: auto (car, truck, van, or SUV) detailing; RV, boat & airplane detailing; and motorcycle detailing. While there are some exceptions to those three categories, the way we build out and price details is the same. It's all based on which processes we will need to use to get your vehicle back to showroom condition. We have found that some of our processes are needed on almost every service we do, this is how we've come up with our 'Base Detail' for autos, along with how we prep and wash RVs, boats, planes, and motorcycles. We've got more specifics below, just click on the type of detail you're interested in.


Auto Detailing

The way we offer our services is a bit different than what most detailing companies offer. Most companies we see offer a number of different 'packages' in a menu style that customers have to comb through to see which one matches the closest with what their needs are. Our details are built on processes. Some processes, we've found, are needed on every single vehicle we do - we call this the 'Base Detail'. Others like pet hair removal, shampooing, and paint correction are only needed or wanted on certain vehicles. We like to have a conversation with every customer before hand to mold our service to their needs versus trying to fit the customers' needs into one of our menu items. This gives us laser focus to take care of the things that are high priority and achieving greater value. Learn more about all of our different processes on the 'Auto Detailing' page, or click below to book your detail.

RV, Boat & Plane

These are often referred to as "specialty vehicles", and after detailing a few of them, you can see why. From the materials used to build them, to the processes and products used to detail them, RVs, boats, and planes require specialized detailing. The same-old service won't cut it, so why hire the same-old detailing company. Whether you're looking for maintenance detailing, reconditioning, oxidation removal, or other detailing needs, Clean Cars Inc has what it takes to get the results you're looking for. Check out our 'RV, Boat, and Airplane Detailing' page for more info on the different processes we use and services we offer or click below to book your detail.



If auto detailing is on the opposite end of the spectrum as RV, boat, and airplane detailing, then motorcycle detailing has it's own spectrum. While motorcycles borrow a lot from all the other industries we service, they have a uniqueness about them that puts them in their own category. There's many things to consider when detailing a motorcycle - is it a cruiser or a sport bike? Is it an open engine or does it have fairings? What are the body parts made out of? Is there metal to polish? Is it chrome or aluminum? Is the aluminum polished or burnished? All of these different details factor in to what processes, tools, and products we need to use to get the results you're wanting. Check out our 'Motorcycle Detailing Page' for more info on how we detail bikes or use the button below to book a detail.