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The Clean Cars Inc. Difference

There’s a clear difference between a professional and an amateur detail, but what makes the difference between a professional business and just professional work? Quality of work is without a doubt one of the forefront values of professionalism and when combined with superior communication and integrity, you end up with a professional business.



Professional level service in any industry requires clear communication and living in the 21st century has afforded us some extra tools, and some unique challenges. Things like text messaging, email, and cloud-based calendars (whatever that means) are just some of the tools we’ve used here to overcome challenges in communication.


Another part of clear communication is understanding what it is our customer is wanting and delivering it as requested. We like to ask questions based on our experience which helps us understand exactly what our customers expect with their service. Having a clear picture of what our customer’s needs are will insure we’re able to perform our detailing work with confidence and allows us to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every job.



It should probably go without saying, but just in case it didn’t, quality work is one of our core values at Clean Cars Inc. and it has allowed us to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have the experience, tools, and products necessary to produce a high quality detail for every single customer -- no matter what condition the vehicle is currently in.


And much like communication, quality comes with some nuance.


We felt in order to retain the title of “The New Standard In Professional Detailing” we would need to address quality at every single level of our process. High quality detailing work wouldn’t be enough on it’s own. Valuing quality means we find gaps and identify all areas where we lack quality and figuring out ways to improve.


Now, quality is what our customers expect and it’s what we deliver.


Much thought was put into whether integrity should be listed first or last as our values; is it the base to which we build our other values, or is it what wraps our values up and threads them together?


Regardless of it’s position, it might be our most important value and it’s the only reason our other values even matter. Just like the needle on a compass will always point North, our integrity drives us back to our values.


We use high quality products like Menzerna and Eco Touch, and high quality tools like Porter Cable and Bosch because we value quality and our integrity won’t allow us to use less. We invest in powerful field service management software so we always know what’s going on and we can communicate better with our clients because our integrity requires we work on a professional level. Our integrity forces us to look at how we’re treating our employees and is why we’re Living Wage Certified through


Our integrity is what turns quality and communication from words on a website into the best detailing service you’ve ever had. Give us a try, you’ll be glad you did!

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