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Clean Cars Inc is a no-nonsense, get-the-results-we're-after type of company with mobile services available to serve most of North Carolina and a shop based in Winston-Salem. We offer a wide range of solutions for detailing issues in the automotive field such as cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and motorcycles, as well as in the specialty vehicles field like RVs, big rigs, boats, planes, ATVs, and even side-by-sides. We've even done storage units and metal bar-tops.

We have decades of experience with general detailing practices along with specialized training in paint corrections, ceramic coatings, tree sap and overspray removal, interior reconditioning (mold, mildew, smoke and water damage, leather treatment, etc.). Feel free to call us at (336)528-4465 or email us to tell us about your detailing needs.



Our pricing boils down to the size of the job, which can have a lot of factors. The two biggest of these are the size of the vehicle and the condition it's in--the larger the vehicle and the dirtier the condition, the more it's going to cost. There are many other factors like the tools and products being used, the list could go on.

We don't offer that much when you think of a typical "package," but there are a few if you would like to take a look here.

Auto Detailing

Pricing & Packages

We don't offer traditional detailing "packages" like you may be thinking about. We have an Express and a Base Detail that are geared toward vehicles in good condition and our regular customers. Otherwise, we try to figure out what your particular vehicle is going to need and price it accordingly. 

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Pricing & Packages

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