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The Base Detail Service

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

To be honest, when we came up with this process, we hadn't even intended on naming it anything, much less having several sections of the website dedicated to it. What we intended to do was come up with a process to be used on every vehicle to clean and prep it, get it ready to be waxed, paint corrected, shampooed, conditioned, or whatever the case may be. It's typically our service before the service so-to-speak, a solid "base" to build and exceptional detail from. Then it became so popular that we had to give it a name, and out came the "Base Detail." It's a tip to tail service that includes a hand wash (debug, remove road grime, decontaminate paint); detail wheels, tires, fender wells; door jambs; blow out underneath seats with compressed air, thorough vacuum; detail dash, console, and cup holders, clean and wipe down hard surfaces with UV-resistant conditioner; windows inside and out.

When we add a spray wax to the equation, we get the perfect way to detail a well-kept vehicle, and all for only $139-199 depending on size.

While this works for some who keep their vehicle in good shape or have it done often, most of our customers are looking for something more, which is where we diverge from the thought that every vehicle gets the same "package" detail. After we get the Base Detail done, we're looking for things like water spots, scratches, sap, road paint, stains, mold, mildew, odors, or anything else that affects the condition of the vehicle to go after.

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