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Professional Automotive Detailing

Services & Packages


We offer both shop and mobile services to fit just about any need and for the most part, we address both the inside and outside of every vehicle with our services--a "full service" detail. One of the things that makes us exceptional is our "Base Detail", it's extremely thorough, and it's exactly what a well-kept car needs to get clean front to back, top to bottom, and inside-out. It's also what we start with before addressing any other issues beyond cleaning the vehicle like interior reconditioning and paint correction.  We also offer an Express Detail for cars that don't quite need a full detail but are otherwise in good condition. Very few of the vehicles we detail fit into one of these "packages" and will need some type of custom package to take care of specific needs that we usually discuss prior to setting up a service. 

Interior Add-ons

Beyond what we do in a Base Detail, we recondition interiors depending on what the specific needs of the vehicle we're servicing are. We have the tools, products, and experience to address all sorts of issues including leather deep-cleaning and reconditioning, mold and mildew removal, stain removal, and pet hair removal. We also have specialty equipment and products to address things like smoke, smells from spills, and other odors. We have years of experience learning exactly what it takes to address anything you can come up with--we've seen, and cleaned it all! Give us a call at (336)528-4465 or send us an email if you've got any questions, we're happy to help!

Exterior Add-ons

When we're through with the Base Detail, the paint will be decontaminated from road grime, de-bugged, and washed, but it will be left exposed to coming in contact with potentially harmful things without putting some sort of wax back on it. For many of the vehicles we do, this is a high-quality spray wax that is included in the cost of the Base Detail ($20+ value). For many more of the cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans we service, the paint usually needs something more than just a spray wax so we offer other wax choices and paint correction services. We often use a combination of clay bar, wet sanding, polishing, compounding (buffing), and other various processes to address issues like scratches, water spots, swirls, buffer trails, oxidation, tree sap and road paint removal, orange peel, and other paint defects. If you have paint that doesn't look it's best, we can help. Give us a call at (336)528-4465 or send us an email for more info, we're happy to help!


Shop Services

  • Hand wash and dried

  • Wheels, tires and fender wells cleaned

  • Wipe out door jambs including trunk/hatch

  • Apply tire shine and high-quality spray wax

Small - $50

Medium - $65

Large - $80


  • Wipe down dash and console with UV-protectant cleaner/conditioner

  • Thorough vacuum including trunk or hatch area

  • Windows and mirrors, inside and out

Small - $50

Medium - $65

Large - $80


Get the Express Interior and Exterior together and get 25% off!

Small Interior and Exterior - $75

Medium Interior and Exterior - $97.50

Large Interior and Exterior - $120

Call (336)528-4465 or send us an email today to find out how to get 50% off!

For odor removal like smoke, pet accidents, mold, mildew and more, we have a special process. In addition to doing a Full Interior Detail, we run an Ozone Generator for 2 hours, dry the vehicle in our shop overnight, then finish with an enzymatic fabric cleaner. 

$50 add-on to a Full Interior Detail


For more info call (336)528-4465 or send us an email.



This service starts with the same decontamination and exterior cleaning process as the Base Detail. Then we clay bar, apply a product to dissolve the iron and industrial fallout from the paint, and apply a polymer/carnauba hybrid wax with a polishing machine for ultimate shine and protection.


Small - $200

Medium - $250

Large - $300


Headliner to carpet, and dash to hatch, we go through each piece of the interior with a fine-tooth comb and recondition it back to like-new condition. We use whatever is needed to remove stains, pet hair, dirt, sand, grime, food, spills, and more. With a single service, your vehicle's interior could look and feel like new again.

Small - $150-250

Medium - $200-300

Large - $250-350


We have the tools, products, and experience to tackle all sorts of issues with paint that go beyond a Base Detail. Things like acid rain etching and water spots, tree sap, mold and mildew, fading and oxidation, scratches and rock chips. Prices vary depending on the size of the vehicle, the intensity of the repair, and what processes are needed to achieve the results we're going for. 

Clay Bar - $60-200

Single-stage Polish - $60-200

Two-stage Polish - $150-300

Three-stage - Call

Wet Sanding - Call


Most of the vehicles we detail need more than a Base Detail for the interior, but not all of those need a Full Interior Detail every single time. Which is why we offer a range of Interior Reconditioning services that include shampooing, pet hair removal, detailing nooks and crannies, mold and mildew removal, and more.

Small - $60-150

Medium - $80-200

Large - $120-250

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